Yusuf Koc Church

This church, like the Durmus Kadir church, also got its name from the vinyard owner. The church in the Karabucak region of Goreme has two apsis (one has collapsed), cross vaulted, cross planned, with cradle vaulted ceilings, two domed , four of the columns are collapsed. In the apse there is a figure of Mary holding Jesus in her arms, under this figure there are lines of figures of bishops. The double knotted columns between the saints is in the architectural style of the 11th century (today these designs are also seen in Istanbul Molla Zeyrek Mosque).

The figure of the saint in the front face of the apse is Saint Stefonos who is assisting with the blessing ceremony. This is understood by the scarf that is wrapped tightly around his neck. The bishops are the ones that have 2 crosses on thier collars, holding the bible in one hand and blessing with the other. In the dome of the church there are figures of the angels Gabriel and Michael.

On the pendantives, the angels with six wings are figures of serafins. (Serafins are the creatures that are the closest to God and the ones that are able to reach to God the fastest. They are the communication link between humans and God.) On the southeast wall there is a figure of the soldier/Saint Theodorus. Next to him is a very smaIl scale figure of Theodorus, the donor of the church and an inscription which reads "The Prayer of Theodorus, the Slave of God". In this church, the majority of figures are of the soldiers/saints.

The Yusuf Koc Church dates to the mid 11th century, and was used as a pigeon house for a short time.

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