Columns in Durmus Kadir Church
 Columns in Durmus Kadir Church

The church got its name from the owner of the vineyard and is located in the Karsibucak region of Goreme. This church is 11.6 meters x 9.6 meters and of a large basilica type, which is rarely seen in the Goreme and Cappadocian churches, it has three apsis the main apse having a templon. Apsis with templons are prevalent in the early Byzantine era. The window like openings in the templons were closed with curtains and in this manner the outside public was obstructed from watching the ceremony inside.

After the 11th century icons were used as curtains in the templons. In the templon with the apse, there is a single stepped 'Synthraron' which is produced by carving the half round rock on which the head bishop and priests sat during ceremonies. In the smaller apse there are pilasters and niches used to store the equipment used during ceremonies. In front of the main apse, there is an ambion made up of four steps, from where the preaching took place, it is formed by carving the main rock The church has three naves. The middle one has a cradle vaulted ceiling the ones on either side have flat ceilings. One of the naves is partially collapsed. The naves are separated by four derricks. On top of the derricks there are some reliefs in the shape of columns.

At the nartheks of the church there are graves which were dug into the niches which belonged to the priest of the church, or to the donors of the church. Durmus Kadir church which was used as a pigeon house in the l8th and 19th centuries has been dated to the 6th and 7th centuries, which was an early christian period.

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